Day 10: Social Distancing Chronicles

So being home is a lot for me but I shall make the best of it.

Today’s mission: Clean my makeup brushes and bags, Go through clothes and accessories of what to keep and donate.

I’m glad I went and bought sweats in December because I have them to lounge in now. God knew! Stay positive!

Winter Coats

Thankfully I’ve only bought 3 coats. But I really want some more colorful ones. So here are my 3 I purchased and the few I really want. Two are worn by a blogger I love on ig @br00klynbetty.

1) Steve Madden @ Burlington Stores

2) Cara Santana @ Kohl’s

3) Prologue Brand @ Target

The coats below are some I would like to purchase:

1) Mirami Kati, 2) ASOS, 3) Lulu’s, 4) Ultamodan, 5) Target -Prologue, 6) Asos, 7)Macy’s, 8)ASOS