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Looking forward to a great 2021

Despite all the calamity and heartache this year. I’m glad to be alive! It’s been a challenge but I’m grateful through it all!

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

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Choose Joy

I wanna thank all my customers and future customers for the support on this product launch! My goal is to inspire and create a community of wellness. Tea has always been a staple in my life. But for the last few years I’ve turned to it for any issue in my body or just peace of mind.

Tea is something I’ve always loved and knew it would be something great to build on. So if you haven’t yet, Click the menu drop down for the Choose Joy Tea page and purchase a tea, that will warm you up!

Have a cup of JOY today!

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First week….

Well I will say navigating just creating labels was a struggle. But it’s ok I pushed through. I have my temporary labels on and I am taking orders. I am so excited to start this brand. Thanks again for the support.

Check out how to order and learn more about each tea from our first collection on the previous post or click the menu for the Choose Joy Tea page.