The journey

Becoming an entrepreneur is the scariest thing I’ve tried to accomplish. What I went through today gave me an urgency to accomplish the goal even more and faster…. it was a very trying day and it’s a shame the way people treat their employees. I plan to do my best not to treat mine the same way. I hope you had a great day and I’m praying for a better day tomorrow for you and me.

Back at it again…

I’ve come to realize that pursuing my dreams has to be at the forefront of my mind at all times. While I encourage to have a 9-5 as entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Myself while grateful for job it is not my passion. I knew since I was a teen I had to be my own boss. I have gotten so sidetracked from doing that due to life’s hurdles I have not pursued my dream to the fullest extent. I have seen so many people stick to their goals and accomplish them. That is my goal all year stick to my plan and execute! So thanks for your support in advance. I am going to make all my dreams come true by any means necessary. Have a great day!!