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Wisdom & Wellness

Happy Wednesday!

Self-care has become a staple in my life for the last two years. I’ve learned to put myself first. Refilling my cup has been an ongoing process. I’m a natural giver and help anybody at almost anytime. So it has caused definite road blocks in my life and delayed dreams. So two years ago I started really finding a way to take care of myself in this thing called life.

Here are some things I like to do to get back to myself, clear my mind and rejuvenate.

1) Sitting by the river and reading – I don’t live by a beach so the river does the trick. You can still hear the water and it will calm you as well.

2) Weekend getaways- Sometimes you don’t have the time to do a week long vacation. Try to squeeze in a getaway of not bi-monthly, quarterly is good. You could visit family members in another state as well. There are plenty of sites to do get last minute deals on getaways. Groupon is great and if you want an island trip

3) Spa- Another great tool for relaxation while getting a massage or facial. If you can’t find a good deal online. You can always purchase items and have your own spa day at home.

4) Find a hobby- Doing something you love is great way to relax. Try to pick something that doesn’t take a lot of thinking.

5) Sleep- I myself I am still mastering trying to get 7 hours but sleep does wonders for our mind and body.

P.S. Don’t forget to do daily affirmations. Create a positive day for yourself with a positive mentality.

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Stylist Spotlight: J. Bolin

He has styled some of our faves for years now. He is turning into a force in the industry and has his own agency, boutique and home design line coming out. I have followed him for years now and his journey has definitely been inspiring. I wish him continued success. Just wanted to highlight some of his work today.

Photo credits: Marcus Owens; Drea Nicole

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July is that you !

7th month of the year, got 6 months to push out the rest of my 2019 goals!

Definitely working on projects but consistency in all areas are necessary for me.

Life is crazy at times but I’m grateful to be alive.

Happy Tuesday!