9 to 5 Style Recap for the week

Different looks for diff days. The weather has been crazy but still tried to maintain style. Here are my looks for the week

I’m working on using my tripod to give full looks. Bear with me as I get the skills down.

So of course my Kelly And Katie sandals from DSW are in rotation, as well as a pair of caramel ones from Mandee. I caught sandals on sale for $25% off a month ago but they are affordable. $40 is the normal price. You can be cute on a budget!

Monday: Rose and Olive , Cardigan from Ross and tank dress from a juniors store (cost:$28 with shoes)

Tuesday: Burgundy T-shirt and Navy Linen pants. Walmart has great tees and the Mandee linen pants were so comfortable. (C:$13)

Wednesday: Black T-shirt from Target And multicolored pleated skirt from Target-Who What Wear collection ($18)

Thursday: Dark Grey T-shirt swing dress from Ross ($10)

Friday: White Tee from H&M and olive green wide leg pants from Mandee ($15)

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